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Ben Dayson in lawn chair

Photograph depicts Ben Dayson sitting on a lounge chair in what appears to be a garden. There is Yiddish written on the reverse of the image. Within the sentence is the word "Victoria" written in English script. Other copies available; r...

65 1/2 - 16 - Tyee by Lee Straight

Colour Anscochrome 35mm slide depicts Phyliss Snider standing next to a dead fish which is hanging upside down on a hook in front of an open door. There is a sign on the left side of the image, which is cut off, but says: "Elk Hotel", Of...

[Frank Sylvester]

Photograph depicts a portrait of Frank Sylvester (husband of Cecelia Sylvester). Other copies available; see PastPerfect for details.

C. B. Sylvester

Photograph depicts Clarence B. Sylvester, known as "Uncle Toots", posing on a chair. Written on verso: "C. B. Sylvester".

[Joshua Davies]

Photograph depicts a portrait of Joshua Davies. Written on Verso: " Joshua Davies - son of J.P. Davies" (Judah Philip Davies).

Ruby Sylvester 1912

Photograph depicts Ruby Sylvester sitting on a chair in a yard. Written on verso: "Ruby Sylvester 1912".

Louise Sylvester

Photograph depicts a portrait of Louise Sylvester. Written on verso: "Louise Sylvester".

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