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[Cemetery Deed]

File contains a manuscript which grants the parcel of land for the Jewish cemetery or burial ground of Victoria.

"[Page 1]
Know all Men by these Presents that H.M. Cohen of Victoria Vancouver Island for dwer's(?) good causes and considerations me hereunto moving and also in consideration of the sum of Five dollars good currency to me now paid by Abraham Jacobs of Victoria Vancouver Island aforesaid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge do by these presents accounting to my estate and interest in the premises grant and convey unto the said Abraham Jacobs his heirs and successors All that the piece or parcel of Land and other the Hereditaments situate in Victoria district Vancouver Island aforesaid and known and described and part section XLVIII (forty eight) Victoria district with the appurtenances and which are vested in me and others as Trustees and Mangers of the Jewish Cemetery or Burial Ground of Victoria aforesaid under and by virtue of a certain Grant in fee thereof dated the Fifteenth day of January one thousand eight hundred and sixty three from Roderick Finlayvon And all the estate right title trust interest claim and demand whatsoever of me to the said H.M Cohen legal and equitable of in and to the said piece or parcel of land and Premises To have and to hold the said piece or parcel of Land and Premises and all my estate and interest therein as aforesaid unto the said Abraham Jacobs his heirs and successors as aforesaid forever Nevertheless to such uses upon such trusts and for such purposes as may be deemed necessary and proper for the benefit of the Congregation Emanuel of Victoria aforesaid to be declared thereof hereafter as may be required and to for and upon no other use trust interest or purpose whatsoever

[Page 2]
And I the said H.M. Cohen do hereby for myself my heirs executors and administrators covenant and declare with and to the said Abraham Jacobs his heirs and successor that I the said H.M Cohen have not at any time hereafter made done or executed or permitted or suffered any act deed matter or thing whatsoever whereby or by any means whereof the said piece or parcel of land and premises or my estate trust or interest therein are is can that or may be in any wise impeached charged affected or encumbered in title estate or otherwise howsoever.
In witness whereof I the said H.M. Cohen have hereunto set and subscribed my hand and seal this __ day of September One thousand eight hundred and sixty five.
Signed Sealed and Delivered
by the said H.M. Cohen
In the presence of…

[Page 3]
(?) Congregation "Emanuel" of Victoria
To Robert Bishop
1865 (?)
Instructions for and preparing special Deed of Conveyance upon Trust for the benefit of the Congregation Emmanuel in respect to the Jewish Cemetery of Victoria and also special power of attorney from Trustees at San Francisco to Mr. Abraham Jacobs as Trustee for the society and Instructions as to expecting same before the (?) Council……..$10.00
Received by (?) of Mr. A Jacobs Sept. 1865
Robert Bishop"

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