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New Building

Series contains documents pertaining to both the construction of the new building in the late 90s and early 2000s as well as several documents from the construction of the new building in the 1960s. More specifically, this series contains legal documents, architectural plans, many correspondences regarding finances and financial deals with VanCity, and publicity documents.


This series contains details of book orders for the Peretz library and other records from the library, including book indexes.

Lions’ Gate B’nai B’rith Building Society

Series consists of two sub-series. Sub-series 1 contains documentation related to the business of planning and building B’nai B’rith Manor, including purchase and mortgage of the property, building contracts, insurance, selection of tenants and general correspondence. Sub-series 2 contains the architectural and other drawn plans for the building. The extent of these two sub-series is unknown.

Alec Jackson

Series consists of photographs, documents and scrapbooks from Alec Jackson's collection of B'nai B'rith archives.

Peretz School

Series consists of documents pertaining only to the Peretz School. The series contains registration information for students as well as teaching materials for grades 1-3, calendars, event materials, and school notices.

Assorted unidentified

Series contains materials for which a familial connection could not be ascertained, mainly photographs of unidentified persons or places.

District 4

Series consists of various B'nai B'rith publications (including newspapers, directories, reports, a programming kit, and manuals) and correspondence.

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