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Irving Koenigsberg

Oral history interview with Irving Koenigsberg who was born in Vancouver, 1921. Irving majored in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia and worked in his father's business (Maurice Koenigsberg), Western Wholesale Jewelry. His grandparents came from Poland.

Jack Micner

Oral history interview with Jack Micner about his father Chaim Micner in preparation for the 2014 Scribe with a focus on Jewish scrap metal dealers. Chaim Micner came to Canada in 1948 , to make a fresh start after surviving the Holocaust. He built a scrap metal business, Atlantic Metals, and found a loving family in his wife, Susy, his children, and grandchildren. His son Jack Micner is on the Board of the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre; Jack works to educate people about the Holocaust, so its message of warning to humanity will not be forgotten.

Chaim Micner died early on June 25, 2013 three weeks after turning 90. Born May 31, 1923 in Bilgoraj, Poland, he was the third of eight children, and spent World War II working at the Stalinskaya coal mine in Siberia, where he learned to dance nimbly and befriended the canteen waitresses for leftovers. He arrived in Quebec City in October 1948, aboard the SS Cynthia, from the Bergen- Belsen DP camp. When he arrived in Vancouver, after passing a series of blizzards on a westward train, people were playing frisbee in shorts. He worked as a presser for Sweet Sixteen, and met his wife Susy, of 59 years, in 1953. They married a year later and had three children: Fay (Roy Weiss), Jack (Karen) and Sam. Chaim then built a scrap-metal business, buying the Atlantic Metals junkyard with his partner Joe Lewin. He played poker on Tuesdays, fished avidly for carp in the Sumas River and Deas Slough, watched hockey, football and boxing routinely, grew cherry tomatoes, green onions and cucumbers, spoke seven languages and made legendary matzoh brie at Passover. Canada offered Chaim peace, stability and calm after a traumatic early life, and he saw his grandchildren Tamara, Mia, Mimi, Baruch, Yecheskyl and Zalman as his greatest achievement.

Leon Broitman

Oral History interview with Leon Broitman. Leon was born in 1922 in the USSR. He talks about the Ukrainian Holocaust and living in the USSR under Stalin. He started studying to become a teacher but was drafted and subsequently wounded during WW2 and never completed his education. After the war he came to Canada and became a cutter (Tailor) in Montreal. He then moved to Ottawa and opened a store. He also started an investment company that was still in business at the time of the interview (2013). He closed is store in Ottawa and moved to BC. He had 4 children with his wife and talks about them and their careers. Much of the interview is about Soviet Union history and talking about WW2 and the Germans.

Liliane Mallin

Oral history interview with Liliane Mallin who born in British Columbia in 1927 and is married to Lloyd Mallin. Her parents were from Poland and Austria.

Manfred Carsh

Oral history interview with Manfred Carsh who was born in 1922 in Europe. Interview covers the business and family lives prior to and during the outbreak of WW2; details of Kristallnacht; effects on the family, forced out of their home, forced to sell the business for pennies on the dollar to Germans, as did other Jewish businesses.

Margaret Libbert

Oral history interview with Margaret Libbert who was born in the former Moravian capital of Brno in 1928, than part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Margaret discusses the challenges her family faced having to uproot themselves and relocate to England when Germany invaded Austria in 1938. The family landed in Montreal initially but travelled by train and arrived in Vancouver by 1940. Margaret studied International Relations and Russia at UBC, she was on the Students Council and first woman elected President of Literary and Scientific executive at UBC. She than worked for the government of Canada.

Mariette Doduck

Oral history interview with Mariette Doduck who was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1935. She is involved in the Holocaust Outreach Program.

Paul Meyer

Oral history interview with Paul Meyer who was born in Germany in 1916, the same as his parents. Speaks of his experiences during the second world war, in the concentration camps, escaping the Holocaust and emigrating to Canada. Paul was arrested in 1938 on Kristallnacht, taken to Dachau concentration camp but able to pay fines. Classisifed as 'friendly enemy aliens' upon entry into Canada due to German citizenship and Canada declaring war with Germany, had to report to RCMP once a month for a number of years. Paul and his brother started pottery business in Vancouver while their mother worked for the Red Cross.

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