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[A man in a blue turban holding a young girl with a Canadian flag]

Photograph depicts a man in a light blue turban holding a young girl. The young girl has a Canadian flag in her hand. The man in the light blue turban has a Canadian flag tucked under his arm. They appear to be in a crowd. This photo is likely taken at an Indo-Canadian Canada Day event.

Bat Mitzvah Class Beth Israel

Photograph depicts a Bat Mitzvah Class at Beth Israel. From L-R: Sherry Corman, Roberta Sheps, Lynne Steinberg, Judy Greenberg, Linda Gould, Karen Silverman, Marcia Kahn, Shirley Dayson
Ages 12-13

Bathing Beauties

Photograph depicts Eva and Phiyl. standing together possibly in a park. Title taken from item. Written on verso: Bathing Beauties Not [last word cut off]. Written on front: Eva + Phyil.

Ben Dayson in Watrous

Photograph depicts Ben Dayson with an unidentified child sitting on his shoulder. They are on a beach with a water and a dock in the background. Written on verso: "Ben Dayson ? in Watrous."

[Bernie Simpson at Walter Moberly Elementary School]

Photograph depicts Bernie Simpson and an unidentified man bending over a young girl at a computer. The young girl is likely Neetu Nijjar. This photo was likely taken during Bernie's visit to Walter Moberly Elementary School. Written on verso: "Neetu Nijjar". Neetu is seated at a desk which has: "...CCA-3 - VSB-206 - AVS - VE6156" written on it.

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