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Financial Services

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Financial Services

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Financial Services

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David Korbin

Oral history interview with David Morris Korbin who was born in Nelson, B.C in 1941. Grandparents come from Galicia and England. He went on to be a chartered accountant. In 1974 David became the first president of B. C. Development Corp and first director of ICBC. Chaired at Vancouver Hospital and E-Com Communications.

Letter - December 10, 1926

Letter from Lester [Weimch] of Miller, Court & Co. Ltd. to Harry Seidelman, dated December 10, 1928. Letter concerns an investment of Harry Seidelman.

Personal Finances Goldberg

File contains various receipts spanning from 1932 to 1970. Some are bank receipts, while others are sales receipts for everyday items such as linen handkerchiefs.

Letter - April 11, 1970

Letter from Meredith, Marshall, McConnell & Scott, barristers and solicitors, to Harry and Esther Seidelman regarding their house mortgage. Letter is dated August 11, 1970.

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