Family and personal life



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Family and personal life

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Family and personal life

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Family and personal life

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Mens sports team

Photograph of an unknown mens' sports team, including Harry Seidelman.

Unidentified group of people

Photograph of a group of unidentified people, possibly including Helen Kagnoff (right), standing in front of a sign. It appears that they are in a forest.

Harry Seidelman in Hyder, Alaska

Photograph of Harry Seidelman likely with a cigar in his mouth, in Hyder, Alaska. Harry might be 18 or 19 years old in the photograph.

Letter - September 1, 1939

Letter from Albert Hedelund of The United Grain Company in Omaha, Nebraska to Harry Seidelman in Vancouver. It is dated September 1, 1939. Letter very briefly mentions the second world war.


Amusement guide booklet for the week of February 18th (Monday), in Sydney, Australia. The guide lists plays and attractions.

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