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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic

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Czech Republic

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Aaron Kafka

Interview with Aaron Kafka. Interviewed by Michael Schwartz for The Scribe, 2018. Aaron talks about his experiences with coffee shops and cafes before he decided to open Kafka's in Vancouver. He talks about how his coffee shop sets him apart from competition, the city's shifting food scene, and the importance of relationships in the Jewish community.

Karen Glanzberg

Oral Interview with Karen Glanzberg. Interviewed by Michael Schwartz for Feeding Community podcast.

Eric Sonner

Oral history interview with Eric Sonner. These interviews took place right before Mr. Sonner passed away. Mr. Sonner discusses his life, including his experiences in the Holocaust.

Three interviews taking place July 16, 2007, August 7, 2007 and September 7th, 2007.

Eric Sonner was born in Sumperk, Czech Republic.

Interviews have no summaries or transcripts. Digitized in 2008.

Helen Waldstein Wilkes

Oral history interview with Helen Waldstein Wilkes. Helen was born in Czechoslovakia in 1936. In the spring of 1939, Helen and her family left their home in Czechoslovakia and immigrated to Canada to escape the Nazis. Helen felt like an outsider during her early years in Canada, but she was educated in Ontario and excelled in school and eventually received her PhD in French Literature.

She spent most of her career as a teacher of French and French education in Vancouver. Around the time of her retirement, Helen became more deeply interested in her Jewish heritage. She is now an active member of the Or Shalom congregation. In 2010 she published 'Letters from the Lost: A Memoir of Discovery,' a well-received book which describes her discovery of the desperate letters sent to her parents from relatives who were still trapped in Europe as the Holocaust began, and her growing engagement with her own cultural inheritance.

Throughout Helen's life, reading and philosophy have helped her to make sense of the world and the meaning of her life.