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Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel, the keynote speaker at Bar-Ilan University's dinner and academic convocation

Photograph depicts (l-r) Elie Wiesel, Armand Hammer, and Blanca Roven Wintner at a Bar-Illan University convocation.
Caption: "Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel (left) was the keynote speaker at Bar-Ilan University's dinner and academic convocation in Los Angeles last week. With him are Armand Hammer, honorary dinner chairman, and Blanca Roven Wintner, vice president of the West Coast Friends of Bar-Ilan University. Mrs. Wintner was awarded an honorary doctorate by the university at the dinner, which was attended by 800 friends and supporters of BIU. 1/87."
Written on verso: Feb. 16, 1989 JWB.

Ruth Weinstein

Photograph depicts Ruth Weinstein, daughter of Harry and Elizabeth, in her convocation gown.

Etta Weinstein

  • CA JMABC A.2016.006-5-L.26054-L.26055-L.26054
  • Partiellement
  • [1950-1970]
  • Fait partie de Fromson family fonds

Photograph depicts Etta Weinstein in her convocation cap and gown.

Elaine Fromson

Photograph depicts a portrait of Elaine Fromson in her convocation gown and cap.


Photograph depicts Sayle in convocation robes.


Photograph depicts Elaine in her convocation gown and has been coloured in by hand.