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Sally Rogow

Oral history interview with Sally Rogow, who was born in New York, 1930. Sally's grandparents were born somewhere in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sally's uncle was the first Jewish man to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the Canadian Army, whi...

Morris Saltzman

Oral history interview with Morris Saltzman who was born in Winnipeg, 1918. Morris's father brought the family to Vancouver because he was became a successful merchant, eventually owning two grocery stores; 1st in wholesale potato business; s...

Six girls in front of a building

  • CA JMABC A.2008.016, A.2011.018-003-36-338
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [ca. 1950]
  • Parte deNemetz family fonds

Photograph depicts six girls at Camp Hatikvah, circa 1954. Photograph depicts from top row (L-R): Lila Israel, Shirley Dayson, Toby FouksBottor row (l-r): ?, Connie Nacht, Marcia Kahn.

D. Davies

Black and white portrait of D. Davies and children, from July 1958.

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