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C B Sylvester 2 Years old

Photograph depicts C. B. Sylvester posing in a bowler hat at two years old. Written on verso: "C B Sylvester - 2 years old". Clarence B. Sylvester died in the street of a heart attack at age 50.

[Unknown husband and wife and their two children]

B&W print depicts an unknown husband and wife and their two children. These people are likely relatives of Dr. Irving Snider. On the bottom of the image is the name of the photography studio and an emblem. On the back is stamped: "Ewelina...

Edyth Lee's Party

Photograph depicts a group of children sitting on steps. A grandson of Frank Sylvester is seated on the bottom right. Written on verso: Edyth Lee's party - (word indecipherable)".

[Boy on a bridge]

Photograph depicts an unidentified boy standing on a bridge in a photo studio, holding what appears to be the reigns of a sled.

Unidentified mother and child

2 1/2"x4" sepia photograph mounted on card of a mother and her son standing on a chair beside her.Signed "Wadds Bros. Vancouver & Nelson B.C." in bottom right corner.

Louise M. Sylvester

Photograph depicts Louise Sylvester posing on a swing. Written on verso: "Louise M. Sylvester".

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