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Elaine Fromson

Photograph depicts a portrait of Elaine Fromson in her convocation gown and cap.

Newspaper Clipping: Betrothed, January 19, 1933

On page 3 of Vol 3. No. 41 of the Jewish Western Bulletin, published on January 19, 1933 under the Special and Club News section there is an excerpt announcing Ralph and Ann's engagement.

Queen Elizabeth in royal tour 1939

Photograph depicts Queen Elizabeth during the royal tour in 1939. There is a crowd in the background. It is likely that the photograph was taken when the tour was in Vancouver on May 29, 1939, but it is not certain.

Royal tour in Vancouver 1939

Photograph depicts crowds lining the street and watching the royal tour by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Vancouver on May 29, 1939. Banners with royal emblems are visible. Hotel Vancouver, which opened in 1939, is in the background. Stampe...

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