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[Simah Torah]

Photograph attached to scrapbook. It depicts the dedication and presentation service for a new sefer Torah being presented to the Jewish Home for the Aged. Preceding the service, the Torah was carried under a canopy in a procession from 49th Avenu...

May 26th - 1962 - Lions Gate installation

Photograph depicts a group of newly installed B'nai B'rith Lions Gate members at the installation ceremony. Alec Jackson can be seen on the far right.

Ram Bam Lodge installation

Photograph depicts (left to right) Rabbi Hier, Dr. Bensemon, Norman Simon, and Alec Jackson at a Ram Bam Lodge installation ceremony.

Lions Gate Lodge installation

Photograph depicts three unidentified members at a B'nai B'rith Lions Gate Lodge installation ceremony. At the head table (left to right): Ethel Jackson, Alec Jackson, Ralph Brie.

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