Cape Town (beaches, P. Minister, animals, flowers) Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
L.17868 Tree in bloom Item [1969] View
L.17870 Phyliss Snider and unidentified man standing by a fountain Item [1969] View
L.17873 Impalas Item [1969] View
L.17867 Grapes Item [1969] View
L.17869 Path through trees Item [1969] View
L.17872 Sign stating "The Division Council of the Cape: Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve" Item [1969] View
L.17875 Ostrich Item [1969] View
L.17866 Phyliss Snider and unidentified man holding two children Item [1969] View
L.17871 Sign stating "Admission Tickets Non Whites and Whites" Item [1969] View
L.17874 Sign stating "Warning ostriches nesting in this area" Item [1969] View
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