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Canadian Jewish Congress

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Frank Bialystok

"Out With a Whimper: The Demise of the Canadian Jewish Congress", Keynote session by Frank Bialystok of the University of Toronto

Gerry Cuttler

Interview with Gerry Cuttler as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project.

Herb Silber

Interview with Herb SIlber as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project. Herb discusses his role as an honorary legal counsel with CJC, including the work he did on combating hate crimes in Canada.

Mark Weintraub

Interview with Mark Weintraub as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project, interviewed by David Schwartz. Mark, born in St. Catharines, Ontario, talks about his family’s history in Poland and Canada. He speaks about his parent’s participation in St. Catharines and Vancouver’s Jewish community, notably his father’s involvement in Canadian Jewish Congress, prompting Mark’s early interest in the organization. Mark discusses the prevalence of anti-Semitism in St. Catharines and later Vancouver, British Columbia as another inspiration for his involvement. He speaks about his work for Canadian Jewish Congress’ Media Committee which advocated for objectivity and accuracy in public media. He explains how Canadian Jewish Congress advocated for human rights including combatting anti-Semitism, abetting Indigenous rights, and protesting the Darfur genocide. Mark also speaks about how Canadian Jewish Congress was exemplary to other organizations for how to advocate on behalf of a community, as he was a key note speaker at a conference in Japan. Mark discusses the demise of Canadian Jewish Congress due to a mass reorganization and the creation of the Centre for Israeli and Jewish Affairs. Mark also talks about his relationship with Canadian Jewish organizations today, his career as a lawyer, and how he continues to reflect of Canadian Jewish Congress’ success.

Michael Elterman

Number: CA JMABC A.1971.001-20.19-19
Name: Michael Elterman
Interviewer: David Schwartz
Date: December 27th, 2019
Place: Home of David Schwartz, Vancouver, BC
Project: The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia Oral History Project

00:00: Interviewer David Schwartz introduces himself and Dr. Michael Elterman who is being interviewed. Elterman was born in 1953 in Cape Town, South Africa and trained as a psychologist.
00:56: Elterman notes both his parents were also born in South Africa and both of their families were of Latvian origin.
2:30 Elterman describes his parents’ involvement in the Jewish community of Cape Town.
3:29: Schwartz asks Elterman about Elterman’s twenty-year long tenure working for the Canadian Jewish Congress, Pacific Region. Elterman eventually became Chair of the CJC Community Relations Committee.
8:07: Elterman describes some difficult situations and events that the CJC helped resolve while he was working in the organization. He describes the local newspapers’ anti-Israel leanings, Doug Collins and the North Shore News, Canadian Liberty Net and Holocaust denial.
13:25: Schwartz asks Elterman if the CJC had trouble dealing with any particular conflicts during his tenure. Elterman describes how Congress was accused of being against free speech, even internally.
15:45: Elterman describes his and the CJC’s involvement with other ethnic and community groups who formed a coalition with the CJC. This coalition consisted of groups of Sikh, Chinese, Polish, Ukrainian and Black people. The CJC was also aligned with the BC Federation of Labour. Elterman also mentions the CJC’s part in Holocaust denier, David Irving’s, being denied entry in to Canada. Elterman was also on the Committee for Racial Justice with Aziz Kharki.
21:24: Elterman notes that other groups viewed the CJC as a leader.
22:31: Elterman discusses the differences in focus points between the Jewish Federation and the CJC. They speakers also discuss Professor Bill Nicholls.
25:18: Schwartz asks Elterman what he is most proud of while thinking about his time at the CJC. Elterman notes that he is proud of the respect the CJC garnered from the community and other groups. He mentions the organization of a ‘buy-cott’, when the CJC encouraged the Jewish community to purchase as many Israeli products as possible.
27:45: The speakers discuss the restructuring of the institutional structure of the CJC and its centralization.
36:55: Elterman laments that the restructuring meant a loss of local Jewish community engagement since local members had little say in the happenings and advocacy.
39:15: Elterman mentions that be has friends in other area of Canada who feel the same way as he does regarding the structural changes of the CJC.
41:24: End of interview.

Pat Johnson

Interview with Pat Johnson as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project.

Renee Switzer

Interview with Renee Switzer as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project.

Robert Krell

Interview with Robert (Rob) Krell as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project.

Romy Ritter

Interview with Romy Ritter as part of the Canadian Jewish Congress oral history project, interviewed by David Schwartz. Romy speaks about her parent’s involvement with the Vancouver Jewish community. She discusses how her participation in March of the Living and hearing a Holocaust survivor speak at camp inspired her involvement in Canadian Jewish Congress. Romy talks about her career as community relations coordinator and regional director of CJC Pacific Region. She speaks about the successes of Canadian Jewish Congress, including inter-faith dialogue, Israeli issues, and being a role model for other organizations in Canada. Romy talks about Canadian Jewish Congress’ collaboration with the Jewish Federation of Greater Vancouver and provincial political parties. Romy also discusses the dissolvement of Canadian Jewish Congress due to it’s reorganization and it’s impact on the wider community. She states her present relationship with the Jewish community and her sentiment towards current Jewish advocacy organizations.

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