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1433 Beach Avenue, apartment building

Photograph depicts construction on an apartment building at 1433 Beach Avenue.

Nine storey concrete building, partially completed in centre right of image; crane over top of building, with concrete panel and scaffolding suspended by hook; cars on street in front of building.

A flotilla of boats and spectators welcome the SS "Canberra"

Photograph depicts the arrival of "Canberra" at the Port of Vancouver. "Canberra" was a P&O-Orient ocean liner. It is shown here at Vancouver Harbour during her maiden voyage around the world. This was the largest ship to have ever entered Vancouver Harbour at the time.

Large white ocean liner being towed into dock by tugboats; smaller craft crowded around ship; pier on right side of ship; large crowd gathered in bottom right corner of image.

[A group of unidentified people under a "Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone" sign]

Photograph depicts a group of unidentified people outside of a white building. The building has a sign on it, which reads from L-R: "HEPZA - Ban Quan Ly Cac Khu Che Xuat Tp HCM- HCMC Export Processing Zones Authority - Khu Che Xuat Tan Thuan - Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone - TTC - Cong Ty Lien Doahn - Xay Dung Kinh Doanh - Khu Che Xuat Tan Thuan - Tan Thuan Corporation". This photo was likely taken at the Tan Thuan e-office park , located in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. Tan Thuan is an area known for IT and software companies, and is just outside of the downtown core of Ho Chi Minh City, in Vietnam.

A stone fireplace and hearth, Interior of the Ross Residence, Vancouver, BC

Photograph depicts the Ross residence's fireplace.

White brick fireplace with arch over hearth; black wrought iron fire utensil set to right of hearth, vase of flowers to left; maroon coloured oriental rug on floor; indoor pool visible through window in right of image.

This photograph is associated with J.A. & C.H. McDonald.

Aaron Kafka

Interview with Aaron Kafka. Interviewed by Michael Schwartz for The Scribe, 2018. Aaron talks about his experiences with coffee shops and cafes before he decided to open Kafka's in Vancouver. He talks about how his coffee shop sets him apart from competition, the city's shifting food scene, and the importance of relationships in the Jewish community.

Adam Granot

Number: CA JMABC A.1971.001-20.18-17
Name: Adam Granot
Interviewer: Debby Freiman
Date: May 28th, 2018
Place: Peretz Center
Project: The Jewish Historical Society of British Columbia Oral History Project

00:00: The interviewer, Debby Freiman, introduces herself and Adam Granot who is being interviewed.
00:21: Granot was born in Israel. He then goes on to describe his family and early childhood.
2:45: Granot describes the importance and role food played in his household and while growing up.
4:27: Freiman asks how Granot became involved in the food industry. Granot recounts his father’s career as a restaurant owner in Tel Aviv, Israel while Granot was a child. He then describes his father’s wish to build a business that sells burekas when they moved to Canada. Eventually they purchased the Fraser bakery and named it Breka Bakery which still exists in several locations today.
13:14: Granot was originally working at a car rental agency but left that job in order to take part in the family’s bakery when he was in his early twenties. He also recounts the opening of the other locations.
19:57: Granot is involved with the operations side of the business. His sister, brother-in-law, mother and mother’s partner are all also involved in the business in a variety of capacities. He also describes some of the tenets of the bakery related to product and growth.
25:26: Breka makes a variety of traditional Jewish and Eastern European breads, some of which are in keeping with the tradition of Fraser Bakery.
29:41: The bakeries are open twenty-four seven. Granot describes who the customers are that come in at all hours of the night.
33:18: Granot answers how Judaism has affected the business.
34:46: The speakers discuss the changes that have occurred in the food industry since Breka was first created. They discuss the changes in what customers are looking for in the products they purchase.
38:12: Freiman asks Granot what he sees as the future of Breka. At the time of the interview, Granot was beginning to plan for two more locations to be added to the business. They were also considering to expanding beyond Vancouver itself to other Lower Mainland cities. Granot recounts what he’s learned and what he’s loved about working in the food industry.

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