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"Y" Camp

B&W print depicts four unknown boys with a young Irving Snider (far right) posing for the camera with their arms around each other's shoulders. "'Y' Camp" is written on the bottom of the image.Note: colour adjusted on ...

"Y" [Camp]

B&W print depicts an unknown young boy, possibly Irving Snider, standing on top of a large rock on a beach. "Y" is written on the bottom of the phograph.

"Y" [Camp]

B&W print depicts a camp scene with unknown campers doing exercises in a field and tents in the background. "Y" is written on the lower left corner.Note: colour adjusted on jpg.

349 E. Glison St[reet]

B&W print depicts a young Irving Snider sitting on a roof posing for the camera. "349 E. Glison St." is written on the bottom of the image.

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