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Sailing vessels at dock, Vancouver

Photograph depicts sailing vessels docked in Vancouver, possibly at Hastings Mill.Trawlers and four masted sailing vessels docked in centre of image; warehouses built on pier and smoke stacks in background.

Sailboat, 'Truant' R.W. Gunn [suppl. cap.]

Photograph depicts a sailboat and crew.Seascape showing a sailboat with three sails; four men sit or stand at the stern; location appears to be Vancouver's English Bay.Sailboat is identified as "Truant", owned by R.W. Ginn.

Sailboat, 'Anywhere', Elliott [suppl. cap.]

Photograph depicts a sailboat.Seascape showing a mid-sized sailboat at full sail with five crew, in Vancouver's English Bay; the bow of a second boat (possibly a ferry) can be seen at left; the Marine Building and Hotel Vancouver appear above...

Sailboat in water

Photograph depicts a sailboat in the water.Small sailboat in water in middle of image, towing a rowboat; rocky shoreline in foreground of image; treed shoreline and North Shore mountains in background.

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