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Grain elevators, No. 2 elevator [encl., cap.]

Photograph depicts grain elevators at the United Grain Growers pier.

Angled side shot shows conjoined grain elevators labeled "V.H. ELEVATOR" with ship docked at pier behind and train on railway tracks in front.

No. 23 - Second Narrows Bridge, Barges with Cranes, Concrete Pier, Course of Construction

Photograph depicts the course of construction on the Second Narrows Bridge (now the Iron Workers' Memorial Second Narrows Bridge).

Incomplete north span of bridge atop three concrete piers; two barges with cranes and site trailers in middle of image, surrounding incomplete concrete pier; North Shore mountains in background.

Title box in lower right corner reads: "SECOND NARROWS BRIDGE VANCOUVER B.C.", "CONTRACT No S. 3703 E DOMINION BRIDGE CO. LTD.", "No 23", "DATE MAY 11, 1959".

No. 9 - Second Narrows Bridge, Two Barges with Cranes, course of construction

Photograph depicts what is likely the clean up of debris after the collapse of the Second Narrows Bridge (now the Ironworkers Memorial Second Narrows Crossing).

Barges labeled "DOMINION BRIDGE" in water loaded with metal girders and bridge components; cranes on each barge; long building built on stilts in background, in front of taller buildings; labeled "No 9" in bottom left corner.

This photograph is associated with Dominion Bridge Co. Ltd., contract # S.3942E.

Lighthouse, Brockton Point, Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

Photograph depicts the Brockton Point Lighthouse. The original structure was built in 1890 and was replaced with the current structure in 1914. Lighthouses, however, no longer operate in Stanley Park - there are now four automatic unmanned light beacons.

White tower structure with stripe painted around middle; dark turret like structure on top of tower; seagull on top of turret; two boys standing to left side of lighthouse, leaning against metal guardrail; North Shore and Coast Mountains in background.

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