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Ferries at dock

Photograph depicts docked steamships.Pedestrians on sidewalk partially obscured by trees; four steamships in middle of image; residential area with large houses in background, possibly what is now New Brighton and Hastings-Sunrise.

"Fuelite" boat at dock, Imperial Oil Limited

Photograph depicts the Imperial Oil Limited vessel "Fuelite".Bow end of boat shows name "FUELITE" on the hull with "IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED" written underneath; mast of vessel runs up centre of image; Imperial Oil statio...

Cars on ferry dock, Sidney, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Photograph depicts cars parked at the ferry dock in Sidney on Vancouver Island.Six cars parked in foreground; crowd of people milling around recessed gangplank leading into ferry; people on ferry deck; ocean, houses, and mountains in background.

Deck of large sailing vessel

Photograph depicts the deck of a large sailing ship.Ship deck with two life boats and four visible masts in middle of image; small islands in background.

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