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Jack Diamond and Norm Wickstrom

Photograph depicts (l-r) Norm Wickstrom and Jack Diamond holding a plaque.Written on a separate piece of paper: "Longtime Simon Fraser University supporter Jack Diamond was one of four recipients of the university's 1988 outstanding alum...

Dr. Jack Diamond & SFU Pres. William Saywell

Photograph depicts (l-r) Jack Diamond accepting an award from William Saywell.Written on the verso: (Left) Dr. Jack Diamond, O.C. SFU President William Saywell. Distinguished Leadership Award presentation Oct. 24/91. 155%."

Mayor Gordon Campbell presents award to Cyril Leonoff

Photograph depicts (l-r) Cyril Leonoff and Mayor Gordon Campbell shaking hands as Campbell gives Leonoff his award.Written on the verso: "Mayor Gordon Campbell (R) presents Vancouver Heritage Award to Cyril Leonoff for his book. An Enterprisi...

[Bernie Simpson awarding Andy with a 25 year pin]

  • CA JMABC A.2014.017-1-7-L.24936
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [December 3, 1995]
  • Parte deBernie Simpson fonds

Photograph depicts Bernie Simpson shaking hands with a man identified as Andy. Bernie is awarding Andy with a 25 year pin. Written on verso: "Bernie / Andy - 25 year pin - Dec. 3/95".

[Unidentified brotherhood event]

  • CA JMABC A.1999.001-7-11-4
  • Unidad documental simple
  • [ca. 2002]
  • Parte deB'nai B'rith fonds

Photograph depicts (left to right) two unknown men, Sam Shamash, and David Walters holding a large trophy at an unidentified brotherhood event.

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