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Awards ceremonies

Awards ceremonies

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Awards ceremonies

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Awards ceremonies

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Youth dinner at the JCC

Photograph depicts youth and adults seated at banquet tables while a man speaks at a microphone. A table full of trophies is shown behind the microphone.

Centre recognition night

Photograph depicts a man standing with seven boys holding trophies.
Written on the verso: "2 cols 2 x 5. July 29/82. P. 12 115% 5 150. Centre recognition night June 24/82."

Lou Zimmerman, Jewish Community Council, and Dick Kavanagh holding a United Way plaque

Photograph depicts (l-r) Dick Kavanagh (Volunteer Campaign Manager, United Way) and Lou Zimmerman, who is receiving a United Way plaque which reads, "Gold Award presented to [?] for outstanding service to the people of our community..the United Way."
Written on verso: Nov. 16/78.

JFSA Past president Marion Dewitt, Paul Comisarow, David Barrett, Bronia Sonnenschein, Sheldon Cole and Joe Segal

Photograph depicts six people in formal dress.
Written on the verso: "77% P. 11. Dec 11/86. L to R Past president Marion Dewitt. Recipient of Paula Lenga Award for voluntary service, Paul Comisarow. Dinner M.C. David Barrett. Bronia Sonnenschein, sister of the late Paula Lenga. Sheldon Cole, president. Joe Segal.

Allan Tapper & recipients of the Community award for outstanding organizational support of JFSA

Photograph depicts five people, (l-r) Allan Tapper, David Barnett, Leonore Freiman (award recipient), President Sheldon Cole, fifth man (may possibly be Joe Segal).
Written on the verso: "87% P.11. Dec. 11/86. Allan Tapper, president Vancouver Lions Gate Lodge Bnai Brith 668. L to R Recipient of the Community award for outstanding organizational support to J.F.S.A. Dinner M.C. David Barnett. Past president Lee Freim"

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