Automobiles and vehicles



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Automobiles and vehicles

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Automobiles and vehicles

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Automobiles and vehicles

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Overland train

Colour Ektachrome 35mm slide depicts an overland train, with text "Overland Train" on the side. An unidentified woman is standing near the train in the background.Note: Colour adjusted on JPEG.

Overland train

Colour Ektachrome 35mm slide depicts an unidentified man standing on an overland train. The words "United" and "US Army" are visible on side of the train.Note: Colour adjusted on JPEG.

Elaine and Teddy

Picture depicts Elaine and Teddy Fromson posing in front of an automobile.

Ann Fromson

Photograph depicts Ann and an unidentified woman standing in front of a wagon.


Photograph depicts Ann standing beside a car.

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