Automobiles and vehicles



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Automobiles and vehicles

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Automobiles and vehicles

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Automobiles and vehicles

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Unpaved street with buildings and cars

Colour Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts an unpaved street with log buildings along one side. Colourful signs on the largest building advertise "Pepsi-Cola," "Coca-Cola" and other beverages. The street is empty save for two cars.

Letter - November 29, 1916

Letter from Private Edward Joseph Seidelman, dated November 29, 1916. Sent from Seaford, Sussex, England to Rachel Seidelman of Vancouver. Letter describes train journey across Eastern Canada. Private Seidelman also writes that it is likely his 19...

Syrian motorcycles

Kodachrome 35mm slide depicts Syrian motorcycles strung up telephone poles, as a result of the Six Day War, in Golan Heights. Golan Heights was Syrian territory, which became occupied by Israel in 1967. It is currently under Israeli control.

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